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These pages can help Clients in making the various choices to ensure they have the right product, finishes and equipment for their application and budget. There is a lot of emphasis on the bottom line figure capital

spend and Customer can be mis-lead by buying a cheaper product which due to extremely high maintenance costs and an by virtue of legislation on particular types of equipment can mean the costs of the FIRST 10 YEARS of the lift can outstrip any original saving thought to be made!!

DeSeM’s design principles are based on “keep it simple” and the objective of supplying the customer with the best possible design, developing a value for capital expenditure, a reliable & durable product, requiring minimal maintenance and compulsory testing regime as well as portraying the Client’s company image.

To achieve this we undertake a detailed approach, asking the relevant questions to ensure complete customer satisfaction, often using information gathered by a site survey or by interpreting our customer’s needs from drawings of new build proposals but also embedding our 20 years of Lift design experience (the little features and extras that make the lift’s use easier).

The most important thing is getting our advice & expertise in front of the customer in the form of a proposal drawing to ensure that what they envisage is what they get.

In every case DeSeM’s drawing office collates together the customer’s site requirements and all relevant information to draw up a proposal that meets the customer’s needs in full.

Wherever possible we also design “cost” out of the project, many of our lifts are driven by twin direct acting hydraulic rams (called 1:1). This means whilst improving car support safety we do not need support ropes or arrest gear, thus no requisite rope or safety gear regular inspections or testing, no re-roping every 10 years. This way the design minimises manufacturing / capital costs and even more importantly the lift’s life time running costs and expenditure through lower statutory testing requirements and renewal costs and subsequently expensive lift down times.

Once the parameters of the customer’s requirements in terms of “finishes”, travel speeds & door orientation and configuration is set, the lifts must also meet the legislative requirements of EN 81 to allow CE Marking on completion and commissioning.

The overwhelming aim is Customer satisfaction in all aspects of the design and it’s Functionality which ensures we at DeSeM & the customer have a project to be proud of.

A further important issue we like to address is, whilst manufacturing the lift here in Stoke-on-Trent, wherever possible to include the Customer’s own corporate identity.

Finally, the DeSeM lift must be aesthetically pleasing, with clean and smooth lines yet robust, reliable in service, pre-empting future requirements & match the Customer’s expectations.

We also aim to provide a product that has a “green” environmental future & has been manufactured with the best “green” pedigree available

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