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DeSeM Lifts Ltd - Good and Passenger Lifts

At DeSeM, we design, and then manufacture medium and large capacity sturdy reliable but well-appointed Lifts, which can carry loads in the form of many passengers per trip or large accompanied loads.

The Car floor areas are the means by which the European standards (EN81) regulate and specifically determine the designated carrying capacity of any passenger carrying lift.
You can check out the computations from the
Table 1.1.

DeSeM’s strongest area is in the design & manufacture of self storage & distribution goods passenger lifts. These lifts are specifically designed around the customer’s requirements. In most cases these lifts operate with combination of widths & depths to suit the individual customer, but in broad terms most lift car internal dimensions are based on a 4m² car (2,000 Kgs 26 person capacity) and are either square (two trolleys at a time) or slightly narrow and much deeper (suiting long items like modern couches or settees).

Self storage in particular is becoming more retail orientated, which has lead to higher quality finishes and a better presented robust lift and car with ease of self use and reliability being the governing factor.

We can arrange the internal car finishes, lighting and the door operation and finishes entirely to suit the intended use and even the most arduous conditions can be accommodated including “rough use” abuse.

We have perfected 3 types of “on floor” car support systems to cope with every need.

1. “Standard” levelling for incremental loading for passenger foot fall providing + 5mm door open and + 20mm
door closed car floor to landing level.

2. “Micro” re-levelling for trolley goods & pallet loading (sudden medium shock loads) providing + 3mm door
open and + 20mm closed car floor to landing level.

3. “Zero” re-levelling ideal for fork lift car loading intrusions and even fork lift with full load transportation (sudden shock loads) providing the car flush and solid with landing levels at all times (Zero deflection).

Design detail is the secret to solving the Clients potential problems and not only does DeSeM fortunately have one of the few UK lift design Licence’s, but we have over thirty years of experience in medium and large lift solutions.

Automatic doors are the user’s favourite and yet can be the lift owner’s dread, if selected incorrectly and not accompanied with suitable support features. We provide solutions to avoid trolley smacks, long loading times, impatient users, protection of children’s inquisitive fingers and even sensitivity to child’s reigns and dog leads on our superior wide opening panel doors (1200 to 3000mm).
Automatic door opening heights also require quite generous floor to floor levels. Automatic Doors are offered in primer for Client decoration or in a choice of RAL powder coated colours.

Manual shutter door operation is still highly popular due to being totally trouble and maintenance free, not suffering from most of the afore mentioned problems and further facilitate considerably narrower shaft widths due to minimal door parking profiles. Manual doors also facilitate much lower floor to floor levels. Manual Doors are offered as standard in Galvanized or in a wide choice of RAL powder coated colours and BS code colours.

Even though DeSeM hones the lift design to a minimal 1200mm pit depth and a compliant 3800mm headroom, there are many other features that the Lift purchaser have to consider, like floor finishes, lower and upper wall finishes, dado and skirting styles, ceiling height, pregnant or top hat roof profile, lighting arrangements, etc. Most of which fall straight into place once the lifts chosen purpose is established.

We also supply integral structural steel single and twin lift shafts which are self supporting (as standard) or free standing (optional), simply requiring cladding by others to suit your local requirements or regulation.

DeSeM’s project management team with over 70 years combined experience in the industry utilise the simple DeSeM design criteria to ensure a fast track approach to project completion is maintained. Deliveries to site from order are currently running at about 10-12 weeks and install times 3-5 weeks.

DeSeM issue, at quotation stage, all relevant paperwork advising the nature and extent of builders works and work by others (electricians, cladders etc) enabling the total cost of the project to be ascertained.
This data package also covers all attendances required to support a clean and efficient delivery and install, with advice on common obstacles to CE Marking Failures and an Aid Memior for the responsible project manager.
Separate documents also cover “Lift Owners Responsibilities” for passing to the ultimate Client once the lift is placed in service. Full technical and guidance advice prior to and during the installation is offered freely on our 24 hour contact line 01782 811 055.

Once your installation is completed and commission to CE marking standard underway, don’t forget to ask our engineer to show you the amazing “£1 coin test”.

All equipment supplied comes with a minimum 12 months servicing and warranty, which can be easily extended as an extra to contract.