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DeSeM Lifts Ltd - Hazardous Area Lifts

Lifts for ATEX Hazardous or Low Temperature areas

Gas Zone 1, Zone 2

Dust Zone 21, Zone 22

Gas & Dust Groups

A, B & C

Temperature Classes

T4, T5 & T6 (UK rating)

Fully Baseefa Certified

Should you require a lift to operate in a high risk ATEX environment, zone 1, 2, 21 or 22

or a low temperature environment (-50oC) you will understand the importance of having

equipment that is not only reliable, but also certified to operate in those environments.

For all areas under risk of explosion, be it chemical (gas), flour mills (dust) or other,

we can design, supply and install & commission suitable ATEX Explosion Proof Lifts

(Passenger, Goods & Passenger or Goods only lifts) specially for your particular zone.

The lifts utilise a unique and 'proven safe' hydraulic drive system complete with

intrinsically safe control circuits, designed especially for high-risk situations by

using components that will not spark or react with the surrounding area.

Low temperature environments are often erroneously thought not to be suitable for

Hydraulic drives due to oil thickening but, in fact, are a best solution to many LT sites.

We can provide expert design and consultation with full BASEEFA certification,

installation and support.

II 2/3 G/D

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