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DeSeM Lifts Ltd -Passenger Lifts

DeSeM Lifts Ltd. - Passenger Lifts

Hydraulic lifts & traction lifts offer a wide range of standard rated capacities of:
5 person (375 kgs), 8 person traditional & 8 person DDA compliant (630 kgs), 10 person (750kgs) & 13 person (1,000 kgs), suitable carrying both passengers and or goods.
Under the latest Disabled Discrimination Act (DDA) directives the 8D & 10 & 13 person automatically comply with the requirements. The traditional 8 person car configuration is no longer suitable as it has “assisted wheelchair” dimensions whilst the 8D car facilitates the wheel chair user making an 180° turn within the car.

Hydraulic lifts

DeSeM IMEM Hydraulic passenger lifts are often supplied in new constructions for light and medium traffic pattern requirements, especially in 5 floor or less applications. They are also extremely popular as replacement lifts where a full refurbishment on an existing old lift becomes economically unviable or a quite operation is required.

The car travel supported by our hydraulic silent rams can be up to 24 metres maximum, whether side acting or “jack in the box” design. The Lift motor room (LMR) can be located on any of the floors visited by the lift, simply needing to be adjacent to the shaft itself. Generally, the LMR is on the Ground or basement floor.

Traction lift

DeSeM IMEM traction lifts offer a huge variety
of vertical travel solutions as the traditional lift, with a machine room located directly overhead the shaft or within the shaft, aswell as, the 'machine room less’ (MRL) lifts.

Scenic passenger lifts

The DeSeM scenic passenger lifts are manufactured and packaged by IMEM Lifts in Spain and installed by DeSeM They are designed to contribute richness to the architecture of a buildings with beautiful, graceful forms fashioned from the highest quality materials.

Our scenic lifts combine elegance and precision in a natural manner, and are the ideal choice high-class buildings.

The range of finishes can be as wide as the surroundings require: the only limit to the decorative possibilities of our panoramic lifts are the project’s requirements.

The glassed-in panels with natural stainless steel frames are combined with floors that can be made of anything from high resistance rubber to fine marble and granite or stainless steel. Designing non-standard options in collaboration with our Clients always presents us with an opportunity to offer a unique product.

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