DeSeMair & DeSeMex RECOUPERATORS (or getting your waste heat back)

DeSeMair Recuperators (High, Medium and Low Temperature).

DeSeMair and DeSeMex Recouperators have been designed, supplied and placed in operational service with various kiln manufacturers and users since 1976.

The first application was a bank of Recouperators placed in series on the exhaust of a frit manufacturing plant for Johnson Matthey's.
The first in the exhaust line was heat recuperation for burner air pre-heat, the second was for supplying hot drier air and the final unit on the same stack was for domestic water.

Since this relationship was developed many units have been designed and installed throughout the globe and although developed with a life expectancy of about ten to fifteen years, to-date no replacements have been required. To our knowledge only two repairs have been required and both were through damage caused by loss of kiln control.

As kiln temperatures have grown higher over the years, heat recovery and efficiency have become more and more important.
Fuel consumption reductions have been the driving force with the rate of development of burner nozzles which can accept the high pre-heats has controlled that advance. As you are probably aware, the operational running temperatures within the Recouperator are now running extremely close to the thermal limit of the constructional steels.

DeSeMair units reached their peak in terms of flue gas temperatures of 1650oC about 7 years ago.
The largest unit to date recovered 100 therms per hour from 1650oC flue gas for our friends at
Bricesco. This particular unit was of a co-current flow design and actually achieved burner air pre-heat of 480oC. On the high temperature units DeSeM recommend monitoring of the internal metal temperatures using the pre-installed Thermocouples so that by control of the dilution air volume, the optimum performance can be achieved without exceeding the maximum design temperature of the iron work.

All the DeSeMair & DeSeMex units are bespoke designs around the particular kiln/burner configuration and the thermal data for this unit is as follows. Other than initial monitoring to establish final settings, the maintenance of units is simple regular inspection with occasional cleaning of the thro' bore by flail chain or similar device.

DeSeM can provide a thorough energy audit of manufacturing process, factory or plant when commissioned to do so.

DeSeM are engineers and consultants providing a design, manufacture, procurement, installation and project service to the environmental, material handling, petro-chemical, power and ceramic industries.

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