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DeSeM Lifts Ltd - Shaft Design Information

Lift Shaft Design.

One of De/S/eM’s unique lift design features is the construction of our structural steel lift shafts.

In most lift installations one of the high cost elements is the lift shaft construction.

Normally this would be a block or concrete structure although there are several prefabricated concrete structures available.

De/S/eM’s structural steel lift shafts add a cost effective reliable solution to this area of lift construction and installation, being very suitable for the installation of lifts into mezzanine floor structures and most other applications.

Our experience has been achieved by our long standing development programme to install our lifts into self storage facilities throughout Europe.

Our structures ensure a quick and totally reliable alternative method to a block or concrete shaft structure, being either free-standing or self-supporting.

In most cases a “free-standing structure” is used in an external situation, whilst the “self-supporting structure” is more suited to an internal installation.

De/S/eM’s lift shafts are constructed to match exactly the requirements of both the building and the lift, and would have a lifting beam built in as standard at the head of the lift shaft.

This comprehensive approach ensures the installation meets the requirements of EN 81 in full, with out the need for complicated civil engineered lift shafts with all the extra elements like walled inserts positioned at regular intervals throughout the lift shafts height and width.

It also removes the need of a fully tested lifting beam installed at the head of the lift shaft.

For further detailed information please speak to one of our engineers.

These lifts are again best used in high rise, high use applications.

De/S/eM’s design preferences are for hydraulic systems which are ideally suited to 95% of our customers needs, we supply heavy duty hydraulic lifts into warehousing, distribution and storage applications.

By far our largest area of operation is self storage, where the facilities are usually 7 floors or less with modest inter-floor travel distances.

The quality of the lift travel is excellent and we have devised our own quality parameters, ask to see the “pound coin test”, the coin is placed on it’s edge whilst the lift is travelling and remains in that position during a complete lift travel cycle.

All our lifts feature a levelling system (+/- 5mm) which ensures the lift re-levels at the floor as it is being loaded so counteracting the natural compression of the air in the hydraulic system as the load is applied to the lift car.

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